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COR Audits

COR Audits
  • Experienced, certified COR auditors
  • Located in Calgary; available throughout all of Alberta.
  • Able to audit any size of organization
  • Our in-depth industry knowledge can assist you in promoting and developing a well maintained safety management system
  • Our experienced staff provide timely and cost effective auditing
  • SECOR, MECOR & COR Certified
What is COR?
  • COR – Certificate of Recognition, Established over 20 years ago
  • It is administered by PIR – Partners of Injury Reduction
  • PIR is made up by WCB, OH&S, industry leaders, and various safety associations
  • Becoming the minimum standard to which a safety program must adhere
  • Government approved safety program that meets established provincial standards
Why have COR
  • Help foster a well maintained and positive safety culture within your organization
  • Help prevent injuries, lost-time claims, and property damage
  • To recognize cost savings through WCB rebates and discounts
  • Improve eligibility to bid on contracts for clients that are actively looking for COR-holding companies as a minimum
  • Assist with business efficiency to improve profits